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Treatment Sessions

When you come for a session with me, I will listen to and look at you to identify areas of your body that are restricted, painful, and appear to be trying too hard. If you need relief from injury or just relief from long-standing tension, we will design each session to address your concerns. So, while we may not be working through the entire Soma series (see below), our work in each session will be based on balancing your entire body to address compensations and specific injuries.  Sessions last between 75 minutes to 1.5 hours. Please bring loose fitting clothes, as part or all of the session may involve assessing and treating in several ways.

11-Session Soma Series

For maximum benefit to release long-standing injuries and tension,  the entire body must be acknowledged and addressed. Each session in the series has a specific goal and area of the body to be worked. Ida Rolf, creator of Structural Integration, devised a particular sequence of sessions to address the body so that each one builds on the last, thus creating a more lasting change in your body.

1Hips, ribcage, shoulder, chestIncreases breath capacity, shoulders and hips feel release
2 Lower legsImproves grounding and stance, release adhesions from lower leg muscle groups
3 Sidelines: hips, legs, shouldersReleases long-held shoulder and hip tensions
4-7Legs, pelvis, back, neck and headReleases deeply held restrictions in the core of the body
8-10Entire bodyIntegrative work along tissues and across joints
ArmsArms, shoulders and neckUnwinds tightness in arms, hands and continues release of shoulders and neck


For an energizingly relaxing sessions, try Somassage. This full-body session addresses the body holistically. Not really a treatment session, but more for facilitating a greater sense of well-being, this method assists the body in feeling more suspended, fluid, energized AND relaxed.