I love what I do. My life has taught me much about letting go, moving on, and what strength really means. My personal experience of receiving the Soma series was one of the most joyful and enlightening journeys I have been on, and I am excited to share the experience with you.

In addition to realizing more flexibility and vitality in my body, I experienced the connection between how my mind affects my body, and vice versa. Limited mobility and pain in my shoulders were released, giving me more energy. Injuries I had ignored for years were addressed and I  was able to again move my body in a much more fluid and graceful way. Even getting out of bed in the morning felt better!

My wish is that you will experience an opening and release that benefits your well being. If you choose to work with me, either through a treatment session to address specific injuries, the Soma series, or a relaxing massage, I will offer you my full presence and attention, joyfully and with an intention of facilitating whatever level of healing you are looking for.