Massage during the pandemic

I love my work, and I greatly care for my clients. In case you haven’t been to see me lately, I want to list what measures I am taking to keep myself, and you, safe during a bodywork session. With all this, however, coming in for a session will have risks. I want you to be aware of what I am doing, but please acknowledge that a massage session is inherently risky in this time.

I wear a mask throughout the session. I require you to wear one also. If you don’t have a clean mask to bring to your session, I will have one for you.

I disinfect all surfaces in the treatment space after each session, and before the next one. I use an EPA list N product, or alcohol based cleaner solutions.

I change my clothes between sessions.

I have an air purifier in the room that is run 24/7.

I will take your temperature and measure your O2 before each session.

I request that you cancel your appointment if you have any sense of not feeling well. I will do the same.

Let’s relax and stay well!